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CASE STUDY– Alternative to a $30,000 Roof


Richard, like many homeowners today, was shocked to find out that the price to replace his deteriorating roof was going to be much higher than he previously anticipated. Richard remarks, “the roof replacement would have been within the ballpark of $30,000.”
An unexpected sticker price like that is enough to make even the most affluent Americans stagger back in shock. Fortunately for Richard, he was about to learn about a long-lasting and cost-effective solution that has helped many other relieved homeowners save tens-of-thousands of dollars on their roof.

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The money-saving solution that was laid out for Richard– rather than replacing his home’s roof, which would cost him up to $30,000– was to repair and fortify his exisitng roof with the Cericade Roof Fortification System.

Cericade uses Nano-Ceramic Technology in conjunction with a proprietary blend of innovative superior resins designed to preserve, protect, and waterproof Richard’s roof. Plus, it is guaranteed to protect his roof for up to 35 years at a fraction of the cost of a complete reroof.


Richard is ecstatic that he didn’t have to spend so much of his hard-earned money on replacing his roof.
I was worried about the cost of a new roof and the length of time that it would take to finish. Roofs aren’t cheap and some of the contractors we had talked to had quoted us over $30,000 to replace our roof.

We are very impressed with the work your company does.
Thank you!