ASTM D 3161 – Wind resistance Test

The ASTM D 3161 is a test standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) that measures the resistance of asphalt shingles to wind uplift forces.

The test involves subjecting a sample of shingles to a controlled wind environment, simulating different wind speeds, to measure their ability to resist wind uplift and prevent them from becoming dislodged from the roof.

As seen in the video, the standard roof shingles on the top were not able to withstand the uplift forces from Category 4 Level windspeeds of 150 MPH and became dislodged at 160 MPH (Category 5 Level).

In contrast, the roof shingles on the bottom (with the Cericade Fortification System) did not experience any damage, even when subjected to Category 5 Level windspeeds greater than 160 MPH for 60 minutes.

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