Cericade Extends Your Roof’s Lifespan By Up To 35+ Years at Half The Cost

Your roof can be better and stronger than new.
Our patented technology creates a powerful “Ceramic Barricade” that
protects your roof against wind, hail, sun, mold, algae, and more.
And the best part? It’s half the cost of a roof replacement.

Benefits of Cericade Roof Fortification System:

With Cericade, you’re not just getting a roof treatment, you’re investing in a complete roof transformation.

Granule Bonding: Keeps your shingles intact and your roof looking fresh.

Wind Resistance: Withstands winds up to 160 mph – that’s a Category 5 hurricane!

iconImpact Resistance: Passes Class 4 impact rating tests with self-healing characteristics.

Water Resistance: Nearly 100% waterproof on new shingles and increases water resistance up to 300% on 20-year-old shingles.

Fire Resistance: Class A fire rating, offering the highest level of protection against fire hazards.

Extended Lifespan: Adds up to 35+ years to your roof’s life.

Color Restoration: Brings back your roof’s original color and offers heat-reflective, UV-resistant color options.

Flexibility: Allows your shingles to expand up to 600% without damage.

Environmentally Friendly: Reduces landfill waste by extending the life of your existing roof.

Minimal Disruption: Mess-free roof enhancement that leaves your daily life undisturbed while we do the work.


verified performance

impact test

Cericade Roof Fortification System EXCEEDED Class 4 Impact Rating (which is the most resistant to impact), resulting in little to no damage, and ABSOLUTELY NO granule loss.
Thousands of Solid Silicate Ceramic Microspheres form a strong and fortified barricade between the roof material and the damaging elements of nature– fortifying your roof, making it better and stronger than new!

Independent Lab Verified Performance


Higher Granule


More Water

Class A

Fire Rating

165 MPH

Wind Resistance

Class 4

Impact Resistance


REviews & Case studies

Tony M.

Can’t believe how sturdy this stuff makes roofing shingles. You have to see it to believe it. Plus, they look great, too! Just like new.

Ryan M.

I never dreamed my roof would look this good. I thought I had to replace it. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars.

Muareen V.

We have saved thousands of dollars, and used the savings on other projects around the house. Our roof looks great, and our roof investment is protected. Thank you!!!

Noah G

I am now a believer... Our roof is 42 years old, we couldn’t afford a new roof. It is amazing the transformation for our roof.

Kevin M.

The shingles look brand new, and I’m confident they’ll stand up to the weather. Great product, would recommend!

Alternative to a $30,000 Roof

Richard, like many homeowners today, was shocked to find out that the price to replace his deteriorating roof was going to be much higher than he previously anticipated. Richard remarks, “the roof replacement would have been within the ballpark of $30,000.”

Problems with a 9 Year Old Roof

Rachel (the homeowner) was shocked to find a major leak already causing interior damage to her paint and drywall. Having her roof installed less than 10 years ago, she quickly needed to find a cost effective and long lasting solution to avoid further damage.

Saved Thousands of Dollars on Roofing

Stan B. lives in a home with two separate buildings in his backyard, one being a shed and the other a summer kitchen. While he wasn’t experiencing any leaks in his home, the roofs on his summer kitchen and shed were allowing substantial amounts of water to enter into each structure respectively. Stan decided that it was high time to do something about all three of his problems.

Adding Extra Life into an Old Roof

Velma A. began to grow concerned as she saw more and more shingles being blown off of her roof as the days went by.

“I was getting estimates because I saw that shingles were starting to blow off the roof and I knew the roof was over 15 years old, so I knew it was time to either replace or repair the roof.”

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