CASE STUDY– Three Roofs Fortified For Thousands of Dollars Less Than Full Replacement!


Stan B. lives in a home with two separate buildings in his backyard, one being a shed and the other a summer kitchen. While he wasn’t experiencing any leaks in his home, the roofs on his summer kitchen and shed were allowing substantial amounts of water to enter into each structure respectively. Stan decided that it was high time to do something about all three of his problems. Luckily for Stan, he didn’t have to worry about getting all three of his roofs replaced. Stan was looking for a company who could give options to repair the roof without pushing him to replace the entire roof.
We knew that the roof was in really bad condition but we didn’t have the budget to replace the house roof, summer kitchen roof, and shed roof at the same time.

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Once our team heard of Stan’s problem, they immediately knew of a viable solution that would solve this triple threat– the Cericade Roof Fortification System. The Cericade solution was significantly less than the cost of re-roofing the 3 structures and was well within their budget.



Stan was ecstatic with how his three roofs turned out. Stan said, “The crew that came to start our project were friendly and quick. All three of the buildings were completed in three days. We were shocked at how bad the summer shed really was, it was impossible to walk on before because of how many granules were coming loose.”

When asked if he would recommend the Cericade Roof Fortification System to his neighbors, friends, and family, he exclaimed, “Absolutely!”

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